Meet Our Client Sophie at 24 Fit Derby

We give you an insight into the life of one of our clients Sophie and how she uses exercise to help with certain health issues.

Say Hello to Sophie.

Hello again, it’s time to introduce you to another one of our clients here at 24 Fit Derby.

Sophie is an amazing person and I loved chatting to her. We met at Beth’s Konga Class one Monday morning at Mickleover but she also loves the Pilates classes too. A combination of these two classes give her an all round fitness workout that she really feels the benefit from.

Life takes it’s toll but how does exercise help?

Sophie has had a history of mental health problems and suffered a breakdown only eighteen months ago, she also suffers with Fibromyalgia. She was happy for me to share this information with you as she felt that it was so important to break down the barriers and talk about mental health as we don’t tend to due to the stigma of it being shameful. In fact she referred the ‘shame’ being the enemy of mental health which I think is right.

Sophie finds Beth as an instructor very inspirational after reading her story and found Konga the best exercise to help with core stability and balance. Both this and Pilates promote mindfulness and allow her to use both sides of the brain, releasing necessary endorphins for good positive mental health. She liked how Beth would show her a low impact option as well as a high impact too so she could continue to workout and still keep her condition under control. Exercise is good for Fibromyalgia but Sophie did feel that it was important to find a balance….too little movement wouldn’t help and too much would lead to a burnout but she seemed to know her limits and managed really well.

A true inspiration….

I’m so proud to have met Sophie and I think she is an inspiration herself. She has a very positive outlook and is determined not to let anything beat her. A great advocate for mental health and I love the way she was willing to talk about her own issues as this can help so many other people.

It is really tough to go out and contemplate exercise if you do have issues with mental health but even I can say from experience too how much exercise can help. I have felt so much better and positive since taking classes with 24 Fit Derby so take a look on the website and see if there is anything you would like to try. The first class is free and there are so many friendly people who will help you along, just like Sophie.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Sophie very much for her time and I hope we can keep on chatting. Keep up the classes and feeling great!

Thank you to you too for reading……take care now

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