Kev and Ellie’s New Adventure

All has changed in Kev and Ellie's life. Here's a snippet of what they've been up to.

Let’s start with Kev…

Kev started Derby loves Zumba in 2011 and as the business developed it became
24 Fit Derby and he ran it alongside his full time job. This was no easy task and last month, after 39 years of working in the same company, he decided it was time to take the plunge and follow his dream of committing himself fully into the business.

I want to say, how courageous, I think he is at doing so.

His heart is to support ‘everyone to find enjoyment in physical activity, whatever age or sex they may be, including those who feel they are non-sporty or have never participated in any form of group activity before’.

Kev also has a strong desire to support the local community. As we see everywhere, small local businesses are disappearing, yet many of us, are wanting to still support them and being a part of 24 Fit Derby has been one of the ways I am doing my bit.  

He wants to ‘encourage those, relatively, inactive people to become more active, and to engage with his clients to find out what they want to achieve’

And now for Ellie….

Ellie moved from the Ukraine 9 years ago to build a life with Kev, here in Derby.
She started exercise to music classes, pretty much from the start. After 100’s of high intensity classes, Ellie decided she wanted to try Pilates, for her own general wellbeing. It wasn’t long before she realised the huge benefits and decided she wanted to qualify as an instructor.

She has now reached Level 3, and earlier this year she decided to follow her dream and set up her own business, “Pilates with Love”.

Ellie now feels she has found her ‘passion and purpose’ and ‘become herself’ with this holistic practice! She is seeing great results in her clients, both in class and in her 1-2-1 appointments, encouraging them to have a new attitude around their own wellbeing for a long, full and active life.

I am one of them and I can vouch for the improvement in every area of my body and my mind.

So, I hope you’ve enjoyed a short catch up on Kev and Ellie’s journey.

They are very grateful for all the support you give, and the fun you have, with 24 Fit Derby and look forward to many more years to come.

Thank you for reading.

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